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Surrealist Fashion Show: Gucci-Alessandro Michele Turns Heads

Mixing the present era with a world of fantasy, and hint of surrealism, Alessandro Michele gave the audience and the world a lot to talk about for the next few days. The runway, which looked like a surgical laboratory, had mint-green walls and  lights hanging from the ceiling; as well as hospital beds.

The show did not only mix lace, floral prints and sequences, but also mixed classic Italian looks with accessories never seen before. From models holding replicas of their own heads, to another model holding a baby dragon, Gucci was able to make something a bit creepy into something chic.

There is no doubt that the whole “supernatural” theme is trending right now, but Gucci succeeded into taking it to a whole new level and really owning it on the runway.

Inspired from cultures around the world, we see beautiful crystal headpieces covering the models’ heads, as well as full-on facemasks that look like beanies.  This was with no doubt, one of the most different fashion shows the world had ever seen, making a strong statement about Identity in today’s society: “Now, we have to decide what to be.” – Alessandro Michelle.

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