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By Haley Colton


Taking a sidestep from their traditional red, Valentino uses the excitement of Fuschia to brighten the runway this season. This Pantone color "Valentino Pink PP", developed by the creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli, gave a visual shock to the runway by having the color cohesively utilized throughout both the venue and the runway. The collection was revealed at Le Carreau du Temple in Paris and featured pink walls, floors, and seats. The fashion house had the color debut the night before, Teasing fans with swatches found on various buildings across Paris. Zendaya, brand ambassador of Valentino, sat in the front row, donning an embroidered set of pants, blouse, and coat, all in the Fashion House's featured hue. Other guests of note included Maluma, Lewis Hamilton, Kristin Scott Thomas, and more. Piccioli sought to experiment visually by adding texture through shaping, fabric manipulation, and embroidery. 

The exquisite show did a great job highlighting the clothes in the matching venue. The models walk out of the initial side door onto an all-pink stairway leading to the runway for everyone to view. Using "Valentino Pink PP" as a neutral base allowed the drapery of the oversized garments and sequined details to amplify the runway. Tying into Picciolo's personal preference for monochromatic tones, the second half of the collection is in all black. Oversized jackets have become a classic for Valentino because of Piccioli, and they definitely made several appearances down this runway. The Fashion House also added modern silhouettes, especially in the necklines. 

The dual-gender collection offers a way to show off the color, shapes, and classic Valentino silhouettes in women's and men's wear. The men's wear was very androgenous and included oversized jackets, pants, and sheer tops. Beautiful craftsmanship was shown throughout the details of the runway; one instance, in particular, was an all-pink evening dress covered in matching embroidered flowers. What makes this silhouette so enticing is the sheerness of the dress and the tactile nature of the flowers, all falling into the overall theme of "less is more". Closing the show, Kristen McMenamy, a muse of Piccioli, in an off-the-shoulder chiffon dress that trailed behind her. The show ended with the models coming out in several lines standing side by side for everyone to appreciate, just like in an opera. 

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