Freedom of expression and self-confidence has always been the Versace way of doing things. For Donatella, exploring gender definitions and power dressing meant staging a coed show for Fall 2020-the first in the history of the brand- as her personal celebration for equality and inclusivity.

Exploring “hyper-feminity” and “hypermasculinity”, as she stated in her pre-show press conference, came as a natural development of her perception of equal opportunities-and shared glamour. Exaggerated shoulders and broad hips became the female signature of power dressing while bold prints and tailored jackets spoke about boys being boys. There were shared loud prints sometimes in the form of zebra-striped tailored suits and neon brights as well as metallic pinstripes and bold checks.

With more daywear than usual, the runway was full of tailored pieces and relaxed blazers as well as aviator jackets and tripped knits inspired by sports and featuring the Versace logo. Eveningwear is Donatella’s true territory and she did not disappoint. Taking inspiration by archive Versace designs and trademark details such as the safety pins, she transformed them into golden rings and Versace-signature chain mails There were party mini dresses, luxurious furs, and little black dresses slashed and hold together by engraved golden rings.

The collection was a study on what luxury means for both contemporary men and women. “Who is the man and who is the woman of today?  The reason I wanted to do show my men’s and women’s collections together today is because men and women are equally powerful.”, concluded Donatella. United in luxury.