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Celine at the Wiltern

By Dana Aufiero

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Los Angeles’ historic landmark, The Wiltern, is home to Hollywood’s vaudeville, rock-n-roll, and Celine’s fall/winter collection: dubbed “The Age of Indieness.” The art deco movie palace recreates an atmosphere of ‘70s glitz and glamor to welcome the nostalgic charm of indie sleaze. 


Hedi Slimane, Celine’s creative director from 2018, continues to rework fashion around the popular realm of music- inspired by his upbringing around the music of Hendrix and the Dead Kennedys. With the return of 2014’s indie sleaze era, Slimane combines the hipster aesthetic with a grungier, rockstar edge: the wearer is under-the-radar, yet still dazzles in sparkling glitter accessories. 


Models stomp out onto the runway to the beat of White Stripes, “Hello Operator,” reimagining the lyrics of “my coffin doesn’t have a phone” with all-black blazers and fur vests. Dazzling sequin tops are paired with light metallic scarves and layered over bohemian coin necklaces and gem pendants. Black ties hang low to oversized belt buckles on both men and women, and tight low-rise leather pants clash with over-the-knee fringe boots. 


Dark oval sunglasses and bohemian tophats maintain the wearer’s anonymity; large frames reflect the led lights that bounce off the Wiltern’s walls. Skinny trousers and open sequin blazers tailored around men’s looks reflect an androgyny that persists throughout the indie style. With men’s jeans just as skinny as women’s, the rockstar status is evidently unmistakable. 


The show ends with the gleaming earth-toned sequin gowns that twinkle off the abstract light structure of the historic stage. The loose fit of each gown allows the models to flow freely, yet still accentuates the shape and form of the wearer’s sleek physique. The group of models travels down the runway in formation, effortlessly casual and glamorous all at once. 


After the runway’s reveal, legendary performances from Iggy Pop, The Strokes, Interpol, and The Kills take the audience back to a nostalgic rock era. The surprise concert transforms The Wiltern into an underground rock scene, edging the crowd of Hollywood’s A-listers to rage alongside heavy guitar riffs. “The Age of Indieness” lasts well beyond midnight- abruptly ending upon the arrival of the fire department that was forced to put an end to the unruly raging mosh pits. 

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