James Bond has undoubtedly been the most successful action film franchise of all time, and each film comes with a memorable theme created by some of the most famous artists of its time. From Paul Mc Cartney, Shirley Bassey, Nancy Sinatra, and Tom Jones in the 60s and 70s to Chris Cornell, Alicia Keys, and Madonna recently, being commissioned the Bond song clearly adds another credit to an artist’s career.

For some, commissioning Billie Eilish to do the upcoming Bond film song might sound like the obvious choice; the hip 19-year-old pop singer has made a sensation across younger audiences and won several prestigious awards. For others, Eilish appears an unlikely choice that clearly shows the Bond franchise’s strategy to appeal to a millennial and gen Z audience. Everyone agrees though, that Eilish is rocking the ‘No Time To Die’ theme, in her unique vocal style. “We’d been telling our team for years that we want to do something with Bond”, she commented later in a BBC interview.

Co-written by Eilish herself and her older brother, the artist Finneas O'Connell and recorded in their L.A. home and studio, the song makes her the youngest artist in history to both write and add vocals to a James Bond theme song. The tune instantly became Eilish’s number one single in the UK-with the US following quickly.

The song features orchestral arrangements by Hans Zimmer and Matt Dunkley as well as ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr on guitar. It is a classic bond ballad, with a dark essence and dramatic orchestration that builds up tension Eilish sing dramatic lyrics about love, loss and deceit, a hint to the actual film plot that unfolds around the secret agent’s betrayal by his love interest. Its a rich, cinematic track with musicality and a rather introvert approach that perfectly aligns with Daniel Craig’s approach to Bond- emotional beneath the cold exterior.